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Donate your time to participate in upcoming events and fundraisers that will provide financial assistance to student-athletes.  It is through this endeavor that High Heat 17 wishes to make a difference, we can always use a helping hand – hopefully yours.  

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Change Takes Effort and Time


As High Heat 17 continues to work, hopefully we can continue to grow.  With this growth will come opportunities to branch out and help more and more.  Rich affected many people over his life and it is our goal to continue to his efforts.  

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Rob Stockwell

Volunteer and Organizer

The Richard C. Stockwell Foundation, devotes energy to passionately advocate for youth athletes through financial assistance toward higher education.  Through events and fundraisers, it is the goal of High Heat 17 to improve and enrich the lives of individuals involved in baseball.  We will work to help other programs, especially Friends of Andrew Baseball, create scholarships to assist with continuing the education of athletes from the program. Through continued education and the improvement of neighborhood baseball programs, the parts of Rich's life that meant so much to him, many will continue to feel his impact by your generous help and support. 

Amy Stockwell

Volunteer and Event Planner

Locally, High Heat 17, The Richard C. Stockwell Foundation,  is a vocal advocate for youth athletic programs.  Our goals and wishes are to spread this mission to reach and affect as many student-athletes as possible. 

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We are organizing events and fundraisers to help us carry out our mission and raise money for scholarships benefiting high school baseball players to attend college. Follow us here to keep up on how you can stay involved.  



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